Hard Drive Installation Guide for HP dv9000 notebooks

For purposes of this discussion, we will refer to all HP Pavilion dv9000, dv9000t, dv9100, dv9200, dv9300, dv9400, dv9500, dv9600, dv9700, dv9800, dv9900 notebooks as the "dv9000" since adding a hard disk drive (HDD) to all above mentioned notebooks are similar.  Click here to see a complete listing of dv9000 HDD compatible notebooks.  This is definitely an-easy-to-do DIY project.

To begin, you will have to purchase a SATA 2.5" hard drive and a "dv9000 hard drive caddy".  Make sure the caddy includes the SATA connector (black plastic piece, see photo below) that acts as an interface between the SATA hard drive and the HP dv9000 notebook computer.  Our part number HP-DV9000 includes the black SATA connector, dv9000 bracket and drive screws.   This part is equivalent to HP part number 434106-001.  Click Here To learn more about notebook SATA hard drives.

Insert the black "SATA Connector" into the "edge connector" on the end of the SATA hard drive.  The SATA connector will only go in one way.   Then insert the hard drive into the dv9000 caddy/bracket.  Use the four screws to secure the hard drive into the dv9000 caddy/bracket.

dv9000 caddy exploded view

Turn your notebook OFF.  Unplug your power cable and all other devices attached to your notebook.  Turn the dv9000 notebook over so you can see the bottom or your notebook.  Use a small phillips-head screw driver to loosen the two screws that are securing the cover of the second hard drive bay
underside of dv9000 removing cover

Remove the cover of the Second Hard Drive Bay
removing second hard disk drive cover of dv9000 notebook

Insert your "assembled" dv9000 caddy + SATA hard drive into the empty drive bay
assembled caddy with drive ready to be inserted into dv9000 drive bay

inserting dv9000 hard drive with caddy into drive bay

close up view of drive being inserted into dv9000 second hard drive bay

close up view of dv9000 caddy being inserted into hard drive bay

Replace "Drive Bay Cover" and secure again with the two phillips-head screws that came with the notebook.
replace hard drive bay cover into dv9000 notebook

dv9000 hard drive installation complete!

see video demo

Note 1: If you are installing a NEW hard drive (drive that has not been formatted/partitioned), you may have to format/partition your new drive after you install it as a second drive in the notebook (or else you may not see the second hard drive when you boot up the notebook)

To format and partition your newly installed 2nd hard drive

- Click on the Windows Icon at the bottom left corner
- Click the "Administrative e tools" Icon
- Select "Computer Management"
- Click on "Storage"
- Click on "Disk Management"
- You will see the "new drive" show up
- "Right click" on the new drive box and select  "Format", select "Yes", then select "OK"

Note 2: If you have installed the 2nd hard drive and your laptop is hanging/not booting, check if your new drive is a 3GB/s drive.  If it is a 3GB/s drive, you may have to set a jumper on the new hard drive to bring it down to 1.5GB/s. 


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