Universal HDD SSD Caddies

 Add a Second Hard Drive to your laptop using your laptop's optical drive bay.  This is a great solution for those that want to add a second hard drive in their laptop in lieu of an Optical/CD/DVD drive.  This device/caddy will fit in a "standard 12.7mm-high" or "standard 9.5mm-high" CD/DVD/Optical drive bays found in laptop computers. 

Please note that there are three important considerations when deciding which OBHD caddy to purchase; 

  1. The type of 2.5" hard drive or SSD you want to use, PATA or SATA
  2. The type of interface your notebook's optical/CD/DVD drive bay has, PATA or SATA
  3. The height of the optical bay (12.7mm or 9.5mm height)

comparing external interfaces of the OBHD, SATA or PATA

Most laptops sold in 2008 (and prior to 2008) have optical drive bays that have a PATA interface (even if the primary hard drive is a SATA drive).  Please see photos above and below to compare with your original optical CD/DVD drive. 

Product Image Item Name Price-
SATA to PATA (IDE), 9.5mm HDD Caddy for "Slot-Loading Optical"

SATA to PATA (IDE), 9.5mm HDD Caddy for "Slot-Loading Optical"

Replace your "Slot-Loading" optical drive with a hard drive or SSD. Add a Second Hard Drive or SSD to your laptop using your...


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