Add a 2nd HDD / SSD to HP dv7 t-7000, dv7t-7xxx, dv7tQE

The HP Pavilion dv7 Series of laptops have two internal hard drive bays.  Most of the time, unless you special ordered it with two hard drives, the laptop comes from the factory with only one hard drive installed with room for a 2nd internal hard drive or SSD.  That being said, you can add a 2nd hard drive or SSD to a HP Pavilion dv7 easily.   There are several dv7 series models.   This installation guide is for adding a 2nd HDD or SSD to the HP Pavilion dv7t-7000, dv7t-7xxx Series (Ivy Bridge).   Please note that we have installation guides for the other dv7 series laptops.

1 - Fist thing you want to do is get the proper 2nd HDD bracket/ caddy and cable for the HP dv7t-7000 / dv7t-7xxx series in addition to the 2nd HDD or SSD.  The HDD or SSD to use should be 2.5" SATA.   If you already have the proper parts, attach the SATA connector end of the cable to the HDD / SSD.   Then assemble your HDD/SSD into the metal bracket/caddy and secure with the four drive screws as shown in the photo below.

Assemble HDD or SSD into HP dv7t-7xxx caddy and attach SATA cable connector

2 - Shut HP dv7 laptop down / power off.   Turn laptop over and remove battery.

Shut  HP dv7 laptop down, turn laptop off, remove battery

3 - Loosen screw at bottom of HP dv7 laptop and remove the bottom cover.   You will then see the 2nd hard drive bay exposed.

Remove bottom cover of HP dv7 by loosening screw at bottom as shown in photo

Lift HP dv7t-7xxx cover out to expose 2nd HDD bay

4 - Insert HDD/SSD caddy into 2nd hard drive bay of HP dv7 laptop

2nd HDD SSD caddy bracket and cable  for HP dv7t-7000, dv7t-7xxx

Insert 2nd HDD SSD caddy bracket with cable into HP dv7t-7000

5 - Insert SATA cable into the "groove" / "channel" alongside the main hard drive to reach the connector on the right side

Insert SATA cable connector into the small groove alongside the main drive

6 - Attach cable connector to HP dv7 laptop mainboard /motherboard as shown in photo below

Attach cable connector into HP dv7 mainboard / motherboard

7 - Secure 2nd HDD Caddy / Bracket to laptop with screws, then re-attach bottom cover

Secure caddy / bracket to HP dv7 laptop with screws, then re-attach bottom cover to laptop

Installation compete!  

NOTE: If you installed a new hard drive, you will have to "format and partition" the new hard drive for Windows to see it.

see video demo

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