Add a 2nd HDD to a HP Envy 17, TouchSmart 17, TouchSmart m7

This guide will show you how to add a 2nd hard drive or SSD to the following laptops:

  • HP Envy 17, Envy 17t (-jxxx) Series
  • HP Envy TouchSmart 17 (-jxxx) Series
  • HP Envy TouchSmart m7 (-jxxx) Series


The abovementioned  laptops have two internal hard drive bays.  If your laptop has only one hard drive installed, you can add a 2nd hard drive or SSD.   You will need a cable and caddy/rails to add a hard drive or SSD in the 2nd drive bay.  See photo below

HDD cable and caddy HP Envy 17

The drive you can install in the 2nd drive bay would be a SATA 2.5" hard drive or SSD with a maximum height of 9.5mm.  We will begin first by attaching the Rubber Rails to the sides of the HDD or SSD.

insert SATA ribbon cable into HDD

Then attach the SATA cable connector to the drive as shown below

attach rails / caddy for HP Envy 17 to HDD or SSD

Shut the laptop down.  Turn the laptop over and remove the battery from the bottom.

Use a screw driver to loosen the one screw as shown in the photo below.

You can now remove the bottom cover of the laptop to expose the drive bays.  Note that the bottom cover has little tabs on the sides that hold it in place.  Gently pull as you remove the bottom cover.

Gently pull the bottom cover to expose the drive bay of the HP Envy 17

Unplug the "clock battery" (also known as CMOS battery) as shown in the photo below.  Note:  this is an optional step, it makes installation easier.  When unplugging the clock battery, you may have to reset your clock / settings once you are done with drive installation.

HP Envy 17 clock battery

photo showing HP Envy 17 HDD SATA connectors for HDD1 and HDD2

Install the 2nd hard drive or SSD in the 2nd drive bay of the HP laptop.  Please note orientation as shown in the photos below.  

2nd HDD cable and caddy ready for  HP Envy 17 laptop

Slide drive into the bay connector side first.

There is a small cover / "door" on the 2nd SATA connector.   If it is not lifted, gently lift up to expose SATA connector.  Carefully insert the flat edge of the cable into the SATA connector slot as shown in the photo below.   Once the flat edge of the cable is in place, gently close the cover/door of the SATA connector.   This will lock the cable in place.   

Then don't forget to replug the "clock battery" / CMOS battery that was unplugged earlier.

For reference, you can compare the connection to the main SATA connector to the right of the 2nd SATA connector. The photo below illustrates how the cable connections should look like.

HP Envy 17 SATA cable inserted into HDD drive bay connector

Installation is complete!   Re-attach the cover and battery and you are ready to go.

Click here if you are looking for the cable and caddy/rails for the HP Envy 17 or Envy TouchSmart m7




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