2nd HDD Caddy install Lenovo W541, W540, T540, T440, Ultrabay IV

Easily replace your Lenovo Thinkpad optical drive with a 2nd hard drive or SSD using a drive caddy.  In the steps below you will see how easy it is to swap the optical drive with a 2nd HDD Caddy in the optical drive bay (also known as the Lenovo ThinkPad Ultrabay IV in the abovementioned laptop models).  This caddy is specifically designed to work in laptops with the Lenovo ThinkPad Ultrabay IV.  The faceplate is designed to match the contour / shape of the laptop. 

Step 1

Shut laptop down and turn over.   You will see two screws that hold the bottom cover in place.  Loosen the two screws with a screw driver.

Step 2

Lift bottom cover from laptop

Step 3 

Loosen screw that holds optical drive in place

Step 4

Push on metal tab to eject optical drive

Step 5

Insert HDD or SSD into caddy

Step 6

Secure HDD or SSD to bottom of caddy with four screws

Step 7

Insert caddy with HDD into laptop optical drive bay / Ultrabay

Step 8

Secure HDD Caddy to laptop with screw

Final Step / Step 10

Re-attach bottom cover to laptop.   You are now done installing the 2nd HDD / SSD in the optical drive bay / Ultrabay of your Lenovo laptop with the use of the caddy.



Click below for video demo

see video demo

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