2nd HDD / SSD Caddy for HP Envy 17 -K000, -K100, -K200 (and M7)


Add a Second Hard Drive to your laptop using your laptop's optical drive bay.  This is a great solution for those that want to add a 2nd HDD or SSD to their Envy 17 (or Envy M7) -K000, -K100, -K200, -K001XX, -K010DX,-K111DX, K118NR, -K211DX Series laptops (see below for a list of compatible model numbers).   Simply remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with our Optical Bay Hard Drive caddy.  The front faceplate is finished in silver-grey designed to match the laptop texture and color.  The metal portion of the caddy is manufactured in light-weight die-cast aluminum to help dissipate heat from the drive and to reduce EMI noise.  We manufacture this part to meet or exceed OEM specifications. (Disque dur caddy pour HP Envy 17, disco duro caddy, festplatten caddy, kieszen).  



HP Envy 17t -K000 caddy rear view

Important: this caddy is for the HP Envy 17 / M7 -K000, -Kxxx  series only.   Check for the exact model number at the bottom of your laptop, or inside the battery compartment.  If you have a different HP Envy 17 laptop model,  please consult the product guide below for the correct product for your laptop


  • Works with 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSD (up to 9.5mm in height)
  • Add a 2nd drive to your HP Envy 17 and M7 -K000, -Kxxx Series laptop
  • Bezel / Faceplate manufactured to match color, shape, texture of HP Envy 17 or M7  -K Series laptop
  • Metal tab/bracket at the back of the caddy to secure to laptop optical drive bay / Upgradebay just like the original DVD optical drive
  • Fits in the the CD/DVD optical drive bay / Upgradebay
  • Light-weight Die-Cast Aluminum Metal enclosure for heat dissipation and to help reduce EMI noise
  • Includes four screws to mount drive to bottom of caddy
  • Click here for installation instructions

Click here to learn more about our Die-Cast Aluminum Caddies

This HDD SSD caddy is compatible with the following HP Envy 17 and M7  K Series models:
HP Envy 17-K000 17-K011nr 17-K073CA 17-K100 17-k100nc 17-k100nl 17-k100no 17-k100nw 17-k101ng 17-k101no 17-k102nf 17-k102ng 17-k102no 17-k104ng 17-k109nf 17-k110nf 17-k112nl 17-K118NR 17-k130nb 17-k140nd 17-k141nd 17-k144nd 17-k150nr 17-k151nr 17-k152nr 17-k153nr 17-K170CA 17-k170no 17-k173ng 17-k181ng 17-k184nz 17-k186nz 17-k188nz 17-k195nz 17-k197nz 17-K200 17-k200na 17-k200nc 17-k200nf 17-k200ng 17-k200np 17-k200ns 17-k200nt 17-k200nw 17-k201na 17-k201nf 17-k201ng 17-k201nw 17-k201TX 17-k202nf 17-k202TX 17-k203na 17-k203nf 17-k203ng 17-k203TX 17-k204nf 17-k204ng 17-k204TX 17-k205nf 17-k205nl 17-k205TX 17-k206na 17-k206nl 17-k206TX 17-k207na 17-k207nf 17-k207TX 17-k208nf 17-k208TX 17-k209TX 17-k210nf 17-k210TX 17-k211nf 17-k211TX 17-k212TX 17-k213nf 17-k213TX 17-k214nf 17-k214TX 17-k215TX 17-k216TX 17-k217TX 17-k218TX 17-k219TX 17-k220TX 17-k230ng 17-k230no 17-k231ng 17-k231no 17-k241no 17-k242nd 17-k243no 17-K250CA 17-k250ng 17-k250ur 17-k251na 17-k251ur 17-k252ur 17-k253ur 17-k254na 17-K270CA 17-k270nz 17-K273CA 17-k288nz 17-k297nb 17-k299nb 17T-K000 17T-K100 M7-K001XX M7-K010DX M7-K111DX M7-K211DX
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