HP Envy 15-kxxx, 15T-kxxx, 15t-k1xxx


Add a Second Hard Drive or SSD to your HP Envy 15-k000, 15t-k000, 15-k100, 15t-k100, 15t-k200 series laptop using your laptop's optical drive bay. Add it as a second hard drive in the laptop in lieu of a SATA Optical drive. This caddy is designed for you to transfer your optical drive faceplate / bezel to the front of the drive caddy.  


  • Replace your optical drive with a 2nd Hard Drive or SSD
  • Designed to accept your CD/DVD optical drive faceplate for a perfect match with the laptop.
  • Works with 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSD with heights equal to or less than 9.5mm
  • Attach your optical drive's faceplacte to the caddy.  
  • Also includes a "Universal Black Faceplate" that attaches to optical drive
  • Click here for "Installation Guide"/ Installation instructions

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Caddy compatible with the following HP Envy 15 models:
15T-K000 15t-k100 15T-K200 15-k100nx 15-k103nu 15-k223nf 15-k000ew 15-k000ng 15-k000nia 15-k000nk 15-k000nl 15-k000nx 15-k000st 15-k001ea 15-k001nc 15-k001nl 15-k001TU 15-k001TX 15-k002ne 15-k002nl 15-k002nx 15-k002TX 15-K002XX 15-k003nia 15-k003nk 15-k003nl 15-k003nx 15-k003TX 15-k004ne 15-k004nf 15-k004nl 15-k004sv 15-k004TX 15-k005nl 15-k005sv 15-k005TX 15-k006ng 15-k006nl 15-k006sv 15-k006TX 15-k007ne 15-k007TX 15-k008ne 15-k008ng 15-k008TX 15-k009ne 15-k009TX 15-k010ne 15-k010ng 15-k010TX 15-k011TX 15-k012nl 15-K012NR 15-k012TX 15-k013nl 15-k013TX 15-k014TX 15-k015TX 15-K016NR 15-k016TX 15-k017TX 15-k018TX 15-K019NR 15-k019TX 15-k020TX 15-K020US 15-k021TX 15-k022TX 15-k023TX 15-k024TX 15-k025TX 15-k026TX 15-k027TX 15-k028TX 15-k029TX 15-k030ng 15-k030TX 15-k031ng 15-k031TX 15-k032TX 15-k033TX 15-k034TX 15-k035nd 15-k035TX 15-k036TX 15-k037TX 15-k038TX 15-k039TX 15-k046nd 15-k048nd 15-k049la 15-k050er 15-k050la 15-k050no 15-k050nz 15-k050sh 15-k050sr 15-k051er 15-k051no 15-k051sr 15-k052er 15-k052sr 15-k053er 15-k053sr 15-k055no 15-K058CA 15-k060no 15-k060nz 15-k061no 15-k062no 15-k063no 15-k065nz 15-k066nz 15-k067nz 15-k069nz 15-k070ng 15-k071ng 15-k072no 15-K073CA 15-k075er 15-k075ng 15-k075nz 15-k075sr 15-k078nz 15-K081NR 15-k086ng 15-k100nia 15-k100nl 15-k100nq 15-k101la 15-k101nia 15-k101nx 15-k101TX 15-k102ng 15-k102nx 15-k102TX 15-k103ng 15-k103nx 15-k103TX 15-k104nk 15-k104TX 15-k105TX 15-k106TX 15-k107TX 15-k108TX 15-k109nf 15-k109TX 15-k110nf 15-k110TX 15-k111nf 15-k111nl 15-k112nl 15-k113nl 15-k113TX 15-k114nf 15-k114TX 15-k115nf 15-k115TX 15-k116TX 15-K118NR 15-k150nr 15-K151NR 15-k152nr 15-k153nr 15-k154nr 15-k154nz 15-k156nz 15-k158nz 15-K163CL 15-K167CL 15-k171ng 15-k171no 15-k172no 15-K177NR 15-K178NR 15-k191nf 15-K192NR 15-k200na 15-k200nf 15-k200ng 15-k200nia 15-k200np 15-k200ns 15-k200nw 15-k201na 15-k201ne 15-k201nf 15-k201nia 15-k201np 15-k201ns 15-k201nt 15-k201nv 15-k201nw 15-k201TX 15-k202na 15-k202nf 15-k202nia 15-k202nk 15-k202nl 15-k202np 15-k202ns 15-k202nt 15-k202nv 15-k202TX 15-k203na 15-k203nf 15-k203ng 15-k203nl 15-k203TX 15-k204na 15-k204nf 15-k204nl 15-k204TX 15-k205TX 15-k206nl 15-k206TX 15-k207na 15-k207ne 15-k207nf 15-k207nv 15-k207nx 15-k207TX 15-k208ne 15-k208nf 15-k208nl 15-k208TX 15-k209na 15-k209ne 15-k209nf 15-k209TX 15-k210la 15-k210ne 15-k210nx 15-k210TX 15-k211ne 15-k211nf 15-k211nv 15-k211TX 15-k212la 15-k212ne 15-k212TX 15-k213nf 15-k213TX 15-k214nf 15-k214nx 15-k214TX 15-k215TX 15-k216TX 15-k217TX 15-k218TX 15-k219TX 15-k220nf 15-K220NR 15-k220TX 15-k221nf 15-k221TX 15-k222nf 15-k222TX 15-K223CL 15-k223TX 15-k224TX 15-k225nf 15-k225TX 15-k226nf 15-k226TX 15-K227CL 15-k227TX 15-k228TX 15-k229TX 15-k230no 15-K230NR 15-k230TX 15-k231TX 15-k232TX 15-K233CA 15-k233no 15-k233TX 15-k234TX 15-k235TX 15-k236TX 15-k237TX 15-k238nd 15-k238TX 15-k239TX 15-k240no 15-k240TX 15-k241nd 15-k241no 15-k241TX 15-k242nd 15-k242TX 15-k243TX 15-k244TX 15-k245TX 15-k250na 15-k250nq 15-k250nu 15-k250ur 15-k251na 15-k251nc 15-k251nq 15-k251nu 15-k251ur 15-k252na 15-k252nm 15-k252ur 15-k253ur 15-k254ur 15-K257CA 15-K258CA 15-k260nz 15-k265nz 15-k266nz 15-k269nz 15-k270nb 15-K277CA 15-k277nz 15-k278nz 15-k280no 15-k281no 15-k285wm 15-k295wm 15-K2XX 15-k301TU



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