2nd HDD cable & caddy for HP Envy 17, 17t (up to -n199 & r199)


2nd HDD / SSD SATA Ribbon Cable and Caddy Hardware Kit for the HP Envy (17-nxxx) 17-n000, 17t-n000, 17-n100, 17t-n100 and (m7-nxxx) m7-n000, m7-n109dx Envy 17t-rXXX Envy 17t r102nl, 17-r118, 17-n152na series laptops. 

compatible: Intel Model 17-n100 to 17-n199, 3D Camera Models 17-r100 to 17-r199 (Worldwide)

3D Camera Models 17-r100 to 17-r199 (North America)


IMPORTANT!: not compatible with other generation ENVY 17 Series laptops.   If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  The model number should look something like this "17t-Nxxx"  or "17-Nxxx" "17t-Rxxx"  or "17-Rxxx"

This " caddy hardware and cable kit" will enable you to add a 2nd hard drive to your Laptop.  Your Envy 17 Nxxx series laptop comes from the factory with two internal 2.5-inch hard drive bays.  All you need to add a 2nd HDD or SSD is the correct caddy hardware and cable kit. This product includes the caddy/bracket, ribbon cable, four drive screws, and three mounting screws as shown in the photo below.

2nd HDD SSD caddy hardware and ribbon cable kit for HP Envy 17 nxxx n100 n000


  • Add a 2nd HDD/SSD to your HP Envy 17-Nxxx, 17t-Nxxx series laptop
  • Works with 2.5" SATA hard drives and SSD
  • Everything you would need to install a 2nd 2.5" drive, other than the HDD / SSD
  • Includes caddy, ribbon cable, four drive screws, three caddy mounting screws
  • HDD / SSD not included
  • For 2nd Drive Bay only
  • Click on this link for Installation Instructions

Caddy hardware and cable kit shown assembled with HDD compare to 813796-001

Note: This caddy hardware and cable kit are for HP Envy 17-Nxxx series laptops.  If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  This is not an HP Original Part.   Hard drive and SSD not included.  (Disque dur SATA cable pour HP Envy, festplatte kabel, M8W99AV_1).


Compatible with the following HP Envy models:

17T-N000 17-n000na 17-n000nf 17-n000ng 17-n000np 17-n000ur 17-n001nf 17-n001ng 17-n001nl 17-n001np 17-n001ns 17-n001nx 17-n001TX 17-n001ur 17-n002ne 17-n002nf 17-n002TX 17-n002ur 17-n003nf 17-n003TX 17-n003ur 17-n004nf 17-n004TX 17-n005na 17-n005TX 17-n005ur 17-n006na 17-n006nf 17-n006TX 17-n007TX 17-n007ur 17-n008na 17-n008nl 17-n008TX 17-n008ur 17-n009na 17-n009TX 17-n009ur 17-n010nb 17-n010nw 17-n010TX 17-n011TX 17-n012na 17-n012TX 17-n013na 17-n013TX 17-n014na 17-n014TX 17-n015TX 17-n016nb 17-n030no 17-n033ng 17-n040no 17-n041no 17-n046nd 17-n047nd 17-n060na 17-n062na 17-n065na 17-n070nz 17-n071nz 17-N078CA 17-n080no 17-n080nz 17-n087nz 17-n090nz 17-n099nz 17-n100na 17-n100nd 17-n100ne 17-n100nf 17-n100ng 17-n100ni 17-n100nl 17-n100nn 17-n100np 17-n100ns 17-n100nt 17-n100nw 17-n100nx 17-n100ur 17-n101na 17-n101nf 17-n101ng 17-n101nl 17-n101no 17-n101TX 17-n101ur 17-n102na 17-n102nf 17-n102nl 17-n102nn 17-n102no 17-n102TX 17-n102ur 17-n103la 17-n103nc 17-n103nf 17-n103ng 17-n103nl 17-n103no 17-n103TX 17-n103ur 17-n104la 17-n104na 17-n104nc 17-n104nf 17-n104ng 17-n104nl 17-n104no 17-n104TX 17-n104ur 17-n105na 17-n105nc 17-n105nf 17-n105ng 17-n105nl 17-n105np 17-n105TX 17-n106ng 17-n106nl 17-n106TX 17-n107na 17-n107nf 17-n107ng 17-n107nl 17-n107np 17-n107TX 17-n107ur 17-n108nf 17-n108ng 17-n108nl 17-n108TX 17-n109na 17-n109nf 17-n109TX 17-n109ur 17-n110na 17-n110nb 17-n110nf 17-n110nw 17-n110TX 17-n111TX 17-n112TX 17-n113na 17-n113nf 17-n113TX 17-n114na 17-n114TX 17-n116nb 17-n120nd 17-n125nd 17-n151na 17-N151NR 17-n151sa 17-n152na 17-n152sa 17-N153NR 17-n170nz 17-n171nz 17-n176nz 17-N178CA 17-n180nz 17-n181nb 17-n185nz 17-n186ng 17-n190nz 17-n197ur 17-n199np 17T-N000 17T-N100 17T-N100 K3D55EA  K3D56EA  K3D57EA  K3D57EAR  K8P18LA  L2T04EA  L3T34AAR  L3T34AV  L3T35AAR  L3T35AV  L8X51AAR  L8X51AV  L9M14LA  M1N59EA  M1N60EA  M1W01UA  M1W01UAR  M1W06UA  M1W08UA  M1W08UAR  M1W09UA  M1W09UAR  M1W10UA  M1W10UAR  M2X59EA  M2X59EAR  M2X64EA  M2X65EA  M2X67EA  M2X68EA  M2X68EAR  M2X69EA  M2X71EA  M2X72EA  M2X72EAR  M2Y21EA  M2Y23EA  M2Y25EA  M2Y25EAR  M2Y27EA  M2Y27EAR  M2Y28EA  M2Y28EAR  M2Y29EA  M3Z71EA  M4A37EA  M4V25EA  M4V26EA  M4V26EAR  M5L10EA  M5L10EAR  M5L28EA  M5L32EA  M5L77EA  M5L77EAR  M6S02EA  M6S03EA  M6S03EAR  M6S04EA  M6S04EAR  M6S05EA  M6T29EA  M7W40EA  M7W40EAR  M7W57EA  M7W57EAR  M9H41EA  M9H41EAR  M9V44PA  M9V63PA  M9V64PA  M9V65PA  M9V66PA  M9V67PA  M9V68PA  M9V73PA  M9V74PA  M9V75PA  N0L36EA  N0L37EA  N0L38EA  N0L39EA  N0L72EA  N0L73EA  N0M06EA  N0U68AAR  N0U68AV  N1L01EA  N1L02EA  N1L03EA  N1L03EAR  N1L05EA  N1L05EAR  N1L20EA  N1L20EAR  N1L21EA  N1L21EAR  N1L42EA  N1L42EAR  N1L89EA  N1L89EAR  N1U77AAR  N1U77AV  N1V46PA  N1V82PA  N1V83PA  N1V84PA  N2H64EA  N3X16EA  N3X17EA  N3Y11EA  N4G05PA  N6C73EA  N7K02EA  N7K03EA  N7K04EA  N7K04EAR  N7K05EA  N8J47EA  N8J74EA  N9Q38EA  N9Q38EAR  N9Q40EA  N9Q41EA  N9Q42EA  N9Q44EA  N9Q44EAR  N9Q45EA  N9Q47EA  N9Q47EAR  N9Q51EA  N9Q52EA  N9Q53EA  N9Q54EA  N9S46EA  N9S46EAR  N9S47EA  N9S47EAR  N9S49EA  N9S49EAR  N9S50EA  N9S50EAR  P0F03EA  P0F03EAR  P0H22EA  P0H23EA  P0H23EAR  P0H24EA  P0H25EA  P0H26EA  P0H27EA  P0H28EA  P0H29EA  P0H30EA  P0H31EA  P0H31EAR  P0T35EA  P0T36EA  P0T37EA  P0T37EAR  P0T38EA  P0U66EA  P0U66EAR  P1D21EA  P1E07EA  P1E07EAR  P1E08EA  P1E08EAR  P1R70EA  P1R71EA  P1R71EAR  P1R72EA  P1R73EA  P1S06EA  P3K74EA  P3L97EA  P3L99EA  P3N08EA  P3U83PA  P3U86PA  P3V66PA  P3V67PA  P4A15EA  P4A15EAR  P4A16EA  P4G08EA  P4G08EAR  P4G09EA  P4G09EAR  P4G10EA  P4G11EA  P4G12EA  P4G73EA  P4G76EA  P4X88PA  P4Y03PA  P4Y04PA  P4Y05PA  P4Y06PA  P4Y07PA  P4Y08PA  P5P57EA  P5P57EAR  P5P74EA  P6L31AAR  P6L31AV  P7R78EA  P7R79EA  P7S21EA  P7S98EA  P7S98EAR  P7S99EA  P7T68EA  P7T68EAR  T0X68PA  T0X70PA  T1F63EA  T1K77EA  T1K78EA  T1K79EA  T1N15EA  T8S42EA  T8S42EAR  T8S43EA  T8S43EAR  T8S44EA  T8U21EA  T8U57EA  T9G14PA  T9Q49EA  V2H27EA  V8T49EA


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