2nd HDD / SSD Caddy for Compaq 15 -S000, -S100, -S200 series


Add a Second Hard Drive or SSD to your Compaq 15, Compaq Presario 15  series laptop using your laptop's optical drive bay. Add it as a second hard drive in the laptop in lieu of a SATA Optical drive. This caddy adapter is designed for you to transfer your optical drive faceplate / bezel to the front of the drive caddy. 


  • Replace your optical drive with a 2nd Hard Drive or SSD
  • Designed to accept your CD/DVD optical drive faceplate for a perfect match with the laptop.
  • Works with 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSD with heights equal to or less than 9.5mm
  • Attach your optical drive's faceplacte to the caddy
  • Also includes a "Universal Black Faceplate" that attaches to optical drive
  • Click here for "Installation Guide"/ Installation instructions

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Compatible with the Compaq, Compaq Presario 15-s000eb 15-s000eg 15-s000sb 15-s000sg 15-s000so 15-s001nf 15-s001so 15-s001TU 15-s001TX 15-s002nf 15-s002nl 15-s002TU 15-s002TX 15-s003nf 15-s003nl 15-s003TU 15-s003TX 15-s004nf 15-s004nl 15-s004sz 15-s004TU 15-s004TX 15-s005nf 15-s005sz 15-s005TU 15-s005TX 15-s006nl 15-s006nz 15-s006sz 15-s006TU 15-s006TX 15-s007nf 15-s007TU 15-s008nf 15-s008nl 15-s008TU 15-s009nf 15-s009TU 15-s010na 15-s010nf 15-s010nl 15-s012nf 15-s014nf 15-s014nz 15-s015nf 15-s016nf 15-s017nf 15-s018nf 15-s019nf 15-s020nf 15-s028nf 15-s029nb 15-s035nb 15-s045nb 15-s049nb 15-s054no 15-s080sg 15-s100na 15-s100ng 15-s100no 15-s101na 15-s101nl 15-s101TU 15-s101TX 15-s102nf 15-s102nl 15-s102TU 15-s102TX 15-s103nf 15-s103nl 15-s103TU 15-s103TX 15-s104na 15-s104nl 15-s104nz 15-s104TU 15-s104TX 15-s105nz 15-s105TU 15-s106nf 15-s106nz 15-s106TU 15-s107na 15-s107nf 15-s108na 15-s108nf 15-s109nf 15-s109ng 15-s111nf 15-s113nf 15-s115nf 15-s120nb 15-s120ng 15-s122nz 15-s130nb 15-s135nz 15-s144nz 15-s177nz 15-s180ng 15-s200no 15-s201nl 15-s201TX 15-s230nb 15-s240nb

(disque dur pour Compaq Presario 15, disco duro, festplatte, kieszen)


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