2nd HDD cable & caddy for HP Envy 17, 17t, m7 ( -J000, - J100)


HDD / SSD Caddy and Cable Kit for the HP Envy 17-J000, Envy 17t-j000, Envy 17t-J100, Envy TouchSmart 17, Envy TouchSmart m7 Series laptops, HP ENVY 17-jxxx Leap Motion SE, TS, QE

IMPORTANT!: not compatible with older generation ENVY 17 Series laptops.   If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  The model number should look something like this "17t-jxxx"  or "m7-jxxx"


This "caddy and cable kit" will enable you to add a 2nd hard drive to your Laptop.  Your Envy 17t, m7 series laptop comes from the factory with two internal hard drive bays.  All you need to add a 2nd HDD or SSD is a the correct caddy and cable. 


  • Add a 2nd HDD/SSD to your HP Envy 17t-j000,17t-j100, m7-j000 series laptop
  • HP ENVY 17-jxxx Leap Motion SE, TS, QE
  • Works with 2.5" SATA drives up to 9.5mm in height
  • Works with 7mm, 9.5mm  drives
  • Also compatible with 2.5" SATA SSD
  • Includes caddy/rails, cable
  • For 2nd Drive Bay only
  • Click on this link for Installation Instructions

Note: This SATA cable (kabel, cabo) is for the Envy 17-J000, and TouchSmart m7 series laptops.  If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  Please see below a list of laptops models supported:

HP Envy 17-j000 17-J000 17-j000eb 17-j000eo 17-j000er 17-j000et 17-j000so 17-j000st 17-j001ea 17-j001eb 17-j001eo 17-j001er 17-j001sg 17-j001TX 17-j002eo 17-j002er 17-j002TX 17-j003ea 17-j003eo 17-j003er 17-j003sa 17-j003sg 17-j003TX 17-J003XX 17-j004eg 17-j004er 17-j004sr 17-j004TX 17-j005ea 17-j005eg 17-j005eo 17-j005er 17-j005TX 17-j006ea 17-j006ed 17-j006er 17-j006sr 17-j006TX 17-j007eo 17-j007er 17-j008eo 17-j008er 17-j008TX 17-j009ed 17-j009el 17-j009TX 17-j010ee 17-j010el 17-j010eo 17-j010ep 17-j010ew 17-j010sa 17-j010se 17-j010sr 17-j010TX 17-J010US 17-J011NR 17-j011sa 17-j011sg 17-j011sp 17-j011sr 17-j012er 17-j012sr 17-J013CL 17-j013sr 17-j014eg 17-j014sr 17-j015eo 17-j015er 17-j015sr 17-j016eg 17-j016sg 17-j016sr 17-J017CL 17-j017er 17-j017sg 17-j017sr 17-j018eg 17-j018sg 17-j018sr 17-j019sr 17-j020eg 17-j020ss 17-J020US 17-J021NR 17-j021sr 17-j021ss 17-j022sr 17-J023CL 17-j025er 17-j025sr 17-J027CL 17-J029NR 17-j030eb 17-J030US 17-j033eo 17-J034CA 17-j034sg 17-j035eo 17-j036eo 17-J037CL 17-j040ec 17-J040US 17-J041NR 17-J043CL 17-j043eb 17-j043sb 17-J044CA 17-j050ex 17-j050sx 17-J050US 17-j051ei 17-j052ei 17-j053ea 17-J057CL 17-j060ef 17-j060sf 17-J060US 17-j061es 17-j061ss 17-j067ez 17-j069sf 17-J070CA 17-j070ez 17-j071sf 17-j072sf 17-J073CA 17-j073sf 17-j075ez 17-j075sf 17-j075sz 17-j076ef 17-j076ez 17-j076sf 17-j077ez 17-j077sf 17-j078sf 17-j079sf 17-j082eg 17-j082sf 17-J083CA 17-j085sg 17-j088sf 17-j089eb 17-j089sf 17-j089sg 17-j090ez 17-j090sf 17-j091ef 17-j091ez 17-J092NR 17-j093ef 17-j093sb 17-j098ez 17-j098sf 17-j099ef 17-J099NR 17-j099sz 17-j100eb 17-j100ec 17-j100ed 17-j100ee 17-j100el 17-j100en 17-j100er 17-j100es 17-j100ew 17-j100ex 17-j100ni 17-j100no 17-j100ns 17-j100nx 17-j100sb 17-j100se 17-j100sl 17-j100sp 17-j100sr 17-j100sx 17-j101ea 17-j101el 17-j101ex 17-j101nf 17-j101ni 17-j101no 17-j101np 17-j101sa 17-j101sf 17-j101sl 17-j101sr 17-j101sx 17-j101TX 17-j102ea 17-j102el 17-j102er 17-j102np 17-j102sf 17-j102sl 17-j102sr 17-j102TX 17-j103ea 17-j103ef 17-j103el 17-j103nf 17-j103sp 17-j103TX 17-j104ef 17-j104nf 17-j104TX 17-j105eg 17-j105nf 17-j105sg 17-j105TX 17-j106ef 17-j106sf 17-j106sg 17-j106TX 17-j107nf 17-j107sf 17-j107TX 17-j108TX 17-j109nf 17-j109TX 17-j110ea 17-j110eg 17-j110el 17-j110er 17-j110ew 17-j110np 17-j110ns 17-j110sl 17-j110sr 17-j110TX 17-j111el 17-j111en 17-j111sl 17-j111sr 17-j111TX 17-j112el 17-j112er 17-j112nf 17-j112nl 17-j112sl 17-j112sr 17-j112TX 17-j113el 17-j113er 17-j113sr 17-j113TX 17-j114sr 17-J115CL 17-j115eg 17-j115nf 17-j115sr 17-j116er 17-j116ex 17-j116sr 17-j116sx 17-j116TX 17-J117CL 17-j117TX 17-j120ed 17-j120er 17-j120et 17-j120na 17-j120nf 17-j120sr 17-J120US 17-j121en 17-j121er 17-j121na 17-j121sr 17-j122er 17-j122na 17-j122sr 17-j123er 17-j123sr 17-j125er 17-j125sr 17-j126nf 17-j126sr 17-J127CL 17-j130ea 17-j130eb 17-j130sa 17-j130sb 17-J130US 17-j133eg 17-j134eo 17-J137CL 17-j140na 17-j140nf 17-J140US 17-j141na 17-J141NR 17-J142NR 17-J143CL 17-j145ng 17-J150CA 17-j150eo 17-j150la 17-j150nr 17-J150NR 17-j150st 17-j151ei 17-j151nr 17-j152ei 17-j152nr 17-J153CL 17-j153eo 17-j153nf 17-j153so 17-j154nf 17-j155eo 17-j156nz 17-J157CL 17-j157nz 17-J160NR 17-j161ea 17-j161es 17-j162no 17-j162ss 17-j164eo 17-j164no 17-j164so 17-j165eo 17-j165es 17-j165ss 17-j166no 17-J166NR 17-j166nz 17-j167ez 17-J170CA 17-j170ea 17-j170eo 17-j170ez 17-j170nz 17-j171ea 17-j171sa 17-J173CA 17-J173CL 17-j176ez 17-j176nz 17-j177ez 17-J177NR 17-J178CA 17-J178NR 17-J180CA 17-j180ea 17-j180nz 17-j180sa 17-j181er 17-J181NR 17-J182NR 17-J183NR 17-j184na 17-J184NR 17-j184sg 17-j185ez 17-j185na 17-J185NR 17-J186NR 17-j186nz 17-j187nz 17-j188ez 17-j188sf 17-j190eb 17-j190ez 17-j190nb 17-j190nz 17-j191nb 17-j193nb 17-j196ef 17-j197ef 17-j197nz 17-j198nz 17-j199eb 17-j199ez 17-j199nb 17-j199nz 17-j199sb 17T-J000 17T-J100 M7-J003XX M7-J010DX M7-J020DX M7-J078CA M7-J120DX M7-J178CA

Envy 17-J053EA

HP ENVY 17-jxxx Leap Motion SE, TS, QE

If your laptop is not in the list above, please contact us at info@newmodeus.com

This is not an HP Original Part.   Hard drive and SSD not included.  (Disque dur SATA cable pour HP Envy, cabo SATA para sequndo HD, kieszen, festplatte kabel).



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