2nd HDD caddy & cable for HP dv7t-7000, dv7-7xxx series,dv7tqe


HDD / SSD Caddy and Cable Kit for the HP Pavilion and Envy dv7t-7000, dv7-7000, dv7t-7xxx, dv7tQE, dv7t Quad Edition (Ivy Bridge)

IMPORTANT!: not compatible with dv7-6000 Series laptops.   If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  The model number should look something like this dv7t-xxxx.  

Check under battery for the correct HP dv7 model number

This "caddy and cable kit" will enable you to add a 2nd hard drive to your Laptop.  Your dv7t-7000 series laptop comes from the factory with two internal hard drive bays.  All you need to add a 2nd HDD or SSD is a the correct caddy, cable and drive screws. Click here for Installation Instructions

2nd HDD caddy being inserted in 2nd drive bay of HP dv7t -7xxx, -7000 notebook

  • Add a 2nd HDD/SSD to your dv7t-7000, dv7t-7xxx series laptop
  • Works with 2.5" SATA drives up to 12.5mm in height
  • Works with 7mm, 9.5mm and 12.5mm drives
  • Also compatible with 2.5" SATA SSD
  • Cable length is 190mm
  • Includes caddy/bracket, cable, screws (4-drive screws, 2-bracket screws)
  • For 2nd Drive Bay only

Note: This cable is for dv7t-7000 and dv7-7000 series laptops.  We have different caddies for the dv7-1000, dv7-2000 series , dv7-3000 series , dv7-4000, dv7-5000 , dv7-6000 series laptops.  If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  This is not an HP Original Part.  (Disque dur SATA cable pour HP Pavilion Envy, festplatte kabel fur HP, disco duro cable).  Hard drive and SSD not included.


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This 2nd SATA HDD Caddy and Cable kit is compatible with the following HP Envy dv7 models:

dv7-7200 dv7-7200eb dv7-7200ei dv7-7200et dv7-7200ex dv7-7200sb dv7-7200sg dv7-7200st dv7-7200sx dv7-7201eg dv7-7201sa dv7-7201sg dv7-7201TX dv7-7202ed dv7-7202eg dv7-7202sl dv7-7202ss dv7-7203ea dv7-7203es dv7-7203sa dv7-7203ss dv7-7203TX dv7-7204ea dv7-7204ed dv7-7204TX dv7-7205TX dv7-7206TX dv7-7207TX dv7-7208TX dv7-7210ei dv7-7210em dv7-7210ep dv7-7210ew dv7-7210ex dv7-7210sm dv7-7210sp dv7-7210sw dv7-7210sx dv7-7210TX dv7-7211TX dV7-7212NR dv7-7215sg dv7-7220ei dv7-7220ew dv7-7220sg dv7-7220sw dv7-7223cl dv7-7225sg dv7-7227cl dv7-7230ec dv7-7230eg dv7-7230ew dv7-7230sw dv7-7230us dv7-7233nr DV7-7234NR dv7-7235ec dv7-7236ec DV7-7238NR dv7-7240ew dv7-7240sw dv7-7240us dv7-7243cl DV7-7243NR dv7-7247cl dv7-7250eb dv7-7250er dv7-7250ew dv7-7250sb DV7-7250US dv7-7251eo dv7-7251er dv7-7251ez DV7-7251NR dv7-7251sz dv7-7252eo dv7-7252er dv7-7252sr dv7-7253er dv7-7254er dv7-7254nr dv7-7254sr DV7-7255DX dv7-7255er dv7-7255sr dv7-7259nr dv7-7260eb dv7-7260er dv7-7260ew dv7-7260sb dv7-7260sf dv7-7261er dv7-7262er dv7-7263er dv7-7264er dv7-7264ez dv7-7265er dv7-7266er dv7-7266sz dv7-7267er dv7-7269sf DV7-7270CA dv7-7270ef dv7-7270eg dv7-7270sf dv7-7271ez dv7-7271sf DV7-7273CA DV7-7278CA dv7-7280sf dv7-7282sf dv7-7283eg dv7-7286ez dv7-7287ez dv7-7290eb dv7-7290ef dv7-7290eo dv7-7290ez dv7-7290sf dv7-7290sl dv7-7292eo DV7-7292NR dv7-7294eo dv7-7295ez dv7-7297sf DV7-7298CA dv7-7298sf dv7-7299ef dv7-7299sf dv7-7300el dv7-7300ep dv7-7300et dv7-7300ew dv7-7300sg dv7-7300sp dv7-7300ss dv7-7300st dv7-7300sw dv7-7301eo dv7-7301es dv7-7301so dv7-7301TX dv7-7302eg dv7-7302eo dv7-7302ex dv7-7302sg dv7-7302ss dv7-7302sx dv7-7302TX dv7-7303eg dv7-7303es dv7-7303sg dv7-7303ss dv7-7303TX dv7-7304ed dv7-7304eg dv7-7304sg dv7-7304TX dv7-7305eo dv7-7305TX dv7-7306ed dv7-7306TX dv7-7307eg dv7-7307eo dv7-7307sg dv7-7307TX DV7-7310DX dv7-7310eb dv7-7310sb dv7-7316sg DV7-7323CL dv7-7330eg dv7-7331ea dv7-7332ea DV7-7333CL dv7-7334ea dv7-7335ea dv7-7336ec dv7-7337ec dv7-7338ea dv7-7338sa dv7-7346sg dv7-7350eb dv7-7350er dv7-7350ew dv7-7350sb dv7-7350sw dv7-7351er dv7-7352er dv7-7352sr dv7-7353er dv7-7353sr dv7-7354er dv7-7355er dv7-7355sr DV7-7358CA dv7-7360eb dv7-7360sf dv7-7361ef dv7-7362sf dv7-7364er dv7-7370eb dv7-7370ef dv7-7370sf dv7-7372ef DV7-7373CA dv7-7373ef dv7-7373sf dv7-7374ef dv7-7374sf dv7-7376sf dv7-7377sf dv7-7378sf dv7-7379sf dv7-7380eb dv7-7380ef dv7-7384ez dv7-7385eg dv7-7386ez dv7-7387er dv7-7387sr dv7-7388sr dv7-7388sz dv7-7389el dv7-7390eb dv7-7390ef dv7-7390el dv7-7390ez dv7-7391sf dv7-7392ef dv7-7393ef dv7-7394ef dv7-7395ez dv7-7396sf dv7-7397el dv7-7397sf DV7-7398CA dv7-7399ef dv7-7399el DV7T-7200 dv7t-7300

HP Pavilion dv7-7001sg, HP ENVY dv7-7338ea , HP-Envy dv7-7299sf


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