2nd HDD SATA Cable kit for HP dv7 -6000, -6100, -6b00, -6c000


HDD / SSD SATA Cable adapter / connector Kit for the HP Pavilion dv7t-6000, dv7-6000, dv7t-6xxx, dv7-6xxx, dv7t Quad Edition

If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  The model number should look something like this dv7t-xxxx.  

This "cable kit" will enable you to add a 2nd hard drive to your Laptop.  Your dv7t-6000 series laptop comes from the factory with a bracket / caddy.  All you need to add a 2nd HDD or SSD is a cable and drive screws.

  • Add a 2nd HDD/SSD to your dv7 -6000, -6100, -6b00, -6c00 series laptop
  • Works with 2.5" SATA drives up to 12.5mm in height
  • Works with both 9.5mm and 12.5mm drives
  • Also compatible with 2.5" SATA SSD
  • Cable length is 250mm
  • Includes cable, screws (4 - drive screws)
  • For 2nd Drive Bay only

Note: This cable is for dv7t-6000 and dv7-6000 series laptops.  We have different caddies for the dv7-1000, dv7-2000 series , dv7-3000 series , dv7-4000, dv7-5000 series laptops.  If you are unsure of what laptop series you have, please check the bottom of your laptop or check underneath the battery (remove the battery to see the series model number).  This is not an HP Original Part.  Disque dur SATA cable pour HP Pavilion, Festplatte kabel pour HP, disco duro cable para HP.  Hard drive and SSD not included.  Click here for installation instructions

This 2nd HDD SATA Cable kit is compatible with the following HP Pavilion dv7 laptop models:

HP Pavilion dv7-6001TX dv7-6000el dv7-6000em dv7-6000eo dv7-6000er dv7-6000et dv7-6000sa dv7-6000sg dv7-6000st dv7-6001ek dv7-6001er dv7-6001ez dv7-6001sg DV7-6001XX dv7-6002em dv7-6002sa DV7-6002TX dv7-6003eg dv7-6003em dv7-6003ez dv7-6003sg DV7-6003TX dv7-6004ea dv7-6004ez DV7-6004TX dv7-6005sg DV7-6005TX dv7-6006sg DV7-6006TX dv7-6007sg DV7-6007TX dv7-6008eg dv7-6008sg DV7-6008TX DV7-6009TX dv7-6010eg dv7-6010eo dv7-6010ev dv7-6010sg dv7-6010so dv7-6010sv dv7-6010sw DV7-6010TX dv7-6011sg DV7-6011TX dv7-6012eg dv7-6012sg DV7-6012TX DV7-6013EG DV7-6013TX DV7-6014TX dv7-6015eg dv7-6015sg DV7-6015TX dv7-6016ez DV7-6016TX DV7-6017TX DV7-6020EV dv7-6020ew dv7-6020ss dv7-6020sw dv7-6021eg DV7-6025EG dv7-6025eo dv7-6025sr dv7-6026sr dv7-6027ez dv7-6027sr dv7-6030eo DV7-6030EW dv7-6031eo dv7-6032sg dv7-6033eo dv7-6035ed dv7-6035eo dv7-6036eo dv7-6040ew dv7-6040sf dv7-6040sg dv7-6045sg dv7-6050ea dv7-6050ec dv7-6050ef dv7-6050es dv7-6050ez dv7-6050sf dv7-6050ss dv7-6051ea DV7-6051EI dv7-6051er dv7-6051si dv7-6052ea dv7-6052er dv7-6053er dv7-6055ef dv7-6055eo dv7-6055sf dv7-6056eo dv7-6058eo dv7-6058sf dv7-6059eo dv7-6060eb dv7-6060ed dv7-6060sb dv7-6060sf dv7-6060ss dv7-6061ez dv7-6065ef dv7-6065sf dv7-6068sf DV7-6070CA DV7-6070EB dv7-6070ed DV7-6070EF dv7-6070sf dv7-6070ss dv7-6076ei dv7-6076si dv7-6077ei dv7-6077si dv7-6080eb DV7-6080ED dv7-6080ef dv7-6080eg DV7-6080EL DV7-6080EO dv7-6080sf dv7-6081eg dv7-6085eb dv7-6085eg dv7-6089eo dv7-6090eb DV7-6090EF DV7-6090EL dv7-6090ep dv7-6090es dv7-6090sf dv7-6097ef dv7-6099ee dv7-6100ec dv7-6100ei dv7-6100em dv7-6100eo dv7-6100er dv7-6100et dv7-6100sb dv7-6100sg DV7-6100TX dv7-6101ed dv7-6101eg dv7-6101ei dv7-6101eo dv7-6101er dv7-6101sa dv7-6101sd dv7-6101sg DV7-6101TX dv7-6102ea dv7-6102er dv7-6102sa dv7-6102sg DV7-6102TX dv7-6103ea dv7-6103eg dv7-6103ei dv7-6103sg DV7-6103TX dv7-6104eb dv7-6104eg dv7-6104sg DV7-6104TX dv7-6105ed dv7-6105sd dv7-6105sg DV7-6105TX dv7-6106eo dv7-6106so DV7-6106TX dv7-6107ee DV7-6107TX dv7-6108eo DV7-6108TX dv7-6109eo dv7-6109sg DV7-6109TX dv7-6110ec dv7-6110ed dv7-6110ex dv7-6110sg dv7-6110sl dv7-6110so dv7-6110sw dv7-6110sx DV7-6110TX dv7-6111eo dv7-6111sg dv7-6111sz DV7-6111TX DV7-6112TX DV7-6113CL DV7-6113TX DV7-6114TX dv7-6115eg DV7-6115TX dv7-6116ez dv7-6116sg DV7-6116TX dv7-6117ez dv7-6117sg dv7-6117so dv7-6117sz DV7-6117TX dv7-6118eg dv7-6118ez DV7-6118TX dv7-6119ez dv7-6119sg DV7-6119TX dv7-6120eb dv7-6120ed dv7-6120ei dv7-6120es dv7-6120ex dv7-6120si dv7-6120ss dv7-6120sw dv7-6120sx DV7-6120TX dv7-6122sg DV7-6123CL dv7-6123ez dv7-6129sg dv7-6130ew dv7-6130ez dv7-6130sb DV7-6135DX dv7-6139eg dv7-6140eg dv7-6140eo dv7-6140ew dv7-6140sb dv7-6140sg dv7-6141eg dv7-6141eo dv7-6141sg dv7-6142so DV7-6143CL dv7-6143eo dv7-6145eg dv7-6145ez dv7-6145sg dv7-6150eb dv7-6150em dv7-6150eo dv7-6150er dv7-6150ev dv7-6150sb dv7-6150sg dv7-6150sp dv7-6151ed dv7-6151ef dv7-6151eo dv7-6151er dv7-6151sd dv7-6151sf dv7-6152er dv7-6152sf dv7-6153ea dv7-6153ef dv7-6153er dv7-6153NR dv7-6153sf dv7-6154ea dv7-6154ef dv7-6154NR dv7-6154sf dv7-6155sf DV7-6156NR dv7-6156sf dv7-6157CL dv7-6157ef DV7-6157NR dv7-6157sf DV7-6158CA dv7-6158ef dv7-6158sf DV7-6160CA dv7-6160ep dv7-6160ez dv7-6160sp dv7-6161ef dv7-6161sf dv7-6162ef dv7-6162sf DV7-6163CL dv7-6163ef DV7-6163NR dv7-6163sf dv7-6163US dv7-6164ef DV7-6164NR dv7-6164sf dv7-6165sf dv7-6165US DV7-6166NR DV7-6168NR dv7-6169NR dv7-6170eb dv7-6170ef dv7-6170ei dv7-6170es dv7-6170sf dv7-6170si dv7-6170sl dv7-6170ss dv7-6171ef dv7-6171ei dv7-6171es dv7-6171sf dv7-6171si dv7-6171ss dv7-6172ef dv7-6172sf dv7-6173ef dv7-6173sf dv7-6174sf dv7-6175sf dv7-6175US DV7-6177DX dv7-6178sr dv7-6178US DV7-6179US dv7-6180eb dv7-6180sl dv7-6184CA dv7-6185eb dv7-6185US dv7-6186eg DV7-6187CL dv7-6188CA dv7-6189sl dv7-6190ed dv7-6190ef dv7-6190eg dv7-6190sf dv7-6190sl DV7-6191NR dv7-6192ef dv7-6192eg dv7-6192sf DV7-6193CA dv7-6195eg dv7-6195US dv7-6197CA dv7-6197sl DV7-6198NR dv7-6198sl dv7-6199sl DV7-6199US dv7-6b00ed dv7-6b00ee dv7-6b00eg dv7-6b00em dv7-6b00er dv7-6b00et dv7-6b00sg dv7-6b00sm DV7-6B00TX dv7-6b01ed dv7-6b01eg dv7-6b01er DV7-6B01TX DV7-6B01XX dv7-6b02eg dv7-6b02er DV7-6B02TX dv7-6b03eg dv7-6b03er dv7-6b03sg dv7-6b03sz DV7-6B03TX dv7-6b04ea dv7-6b04eg dv7-6b04er dv7-6b04sa DV7-6B04TX dv7-6b05ea dv7-6b05ez DV7-6B05TX dv7-6b06ea dv7-6b06sa DV7-6B06TX DV7-6B07TX DV7-6B08TX DV7-6B09TX dv7-6b10eb dv7-6b10ed dv7-6b10es dv7-6b10ew dv7-6b10ss dv7-6b10sw DV7-6B10TX dv7-6b11es dv7-6b11ev dv7-6b11ss dv7-6b12eg dv7-6b12es dv7-6b12ss dv7-6b13eg dv7-6b13eo dv7-6b13es dv7-6b13ev dv7-6b13so dv7-6b13ss dv7-6b14eg dv7-6b15ed dv7-6b15eg dv7-6b16eg dv7-6b17eg dv7-6b18ez dv7-6b20eb dv7-6b20em dv7-6b20ep dv7-6b20ew dv7-6b20ex dv7-6b20sm dv7-6b20sx dv7-6b21eg dv7-6b21em dv7-6b21sg dv7-6b21sm dv7-6b22ed dv7-6b22ez dv7-6b23ed dv7-6b23ed dv7-6b25eb dv7-6b30eb dv7-6b30ed dv7-6b30ed dv7-6b30eo dv7-6b30ew dv7-6b31ed dv7-6b31ed dv7-6b32ez DV7-6B32US dv7-6b33ez dv7-6b35ez dv7-6b35ez dv7-6b37ez dv7-6b40eg dv7-6b40eo dv7-6b40ew dv7-6b40sl dv7-6b41el dv7-6b42ed dv7-6b42el dv7-6b44ez dv7-6b45el dv7-6b46el dv7-6b50ea dv7-6b50eb dv7-6b50ec dv7-6b50ei dv7-6b50er dv7-6b50ez dv7-6b51ea dv7-6b51eb dv7-6b51ei dv7-6b51eo dv7-6b51er dv7-6b51es dv7-6b51sa dv7-6b51ss dv7-6b52er dv7-6b53ef dv7-6b53ei dv7-6b53er dv7-6b53sf dv7-6b54er DV7-6B55DX dv7-6b55eg dv7-6b55er dv7-6b55sg dv7-6b56ef DV7-6B56NR dv7-6b57ea dv7-6b57ef dv7-6b57ez DV7-6B57NR dv7-6b57sf dv7-6b60ed dv7-6b62ef dv7-6b62sf DV7-6B63US dv7-6b65ez dv7-6b70eb dv7-6b70ed dv7-6b70ef dv7-6b70eo dv7-6b70ez dv7-6b70sf DV7-6B71NR dv7-6b73ef DV7-6B73NR dv7-6b73sf dv7-6b75eo DV7-6B75NR dv7-6b76eo DV7-6B77DX DV7-6B78US dv7-6b80eb dv7-6b80ec dv7-6b80eg dv7-6b80eo dv7-6b82eg DV7-6B86US dv7-6b88ez dv7-6b88sz dv7-6b89el dv7-6b90eb dv7-6b90ec DV7-6B91NR dv7-6b93eg dv7-6b95ef dv7-6b95eo dv7-6b95sf dv7-6b97el dv7-6b99ef dv7-6b99sf dv7-6c00ed dv7-6c00er dv7-6c00et dv7-6c00sd dv7-6c00st DV7-6C00TX dv7-6c01ea dv7-6c01er dv7-6c01sg DV7-6C01TX dv7-6c02em dv7-6c02er dv7-6c02es dv7-6c02et dv7-6c02sm dv7-6c02ss dv7-6c02st DV7-6C02TX dv7-6c03eo dv7-6c03er dv7-6c03es dv7-6c03so dv7-6c03ss dv7-6c03sz DV7-6C03TX dv7-6c04eg dv7-6c04sg DV7-6C04TX dv7-6c05es dv7-6c05ev dv7-6c05ss DV7-6C05TX dv7-6c06ev dv7-6c06ss DV7-6C06TX dv7-6c07eg dv7-6c07ss DV7-6C07TX DV7-6C08TX DV7-6C09TX dv7-6c10eo dv7-6c10so DV7-6C10TX DV7-6C11TX dv7-6c12ez DV7-6C12TX dv7-6c13sz dv7-6c14ez dv7-6c15ed dv7-6c15sd dv7-6c17ez dv7-6c20ed dv7-6c20eg dv7-6c20ep dv7-6c20sd DV7-6C20US DV7-6C21NR DV7-6C22NR DV7-6C23CL dv7-6c25eb DV7-6C25NR dv7-6c25sb DV7-6C27CL dv7-6c30eg DV7-6C30NR dv7-6c30sg dv7-6c32eg dv7-6c35sb dv7-6c35sg dv7-6c40ed dv7-6c40ez dv7-6c40sd DV7-6C43CL DV7-6C47CL DV7-6C50CA dv7-6c50eb dv7-6c50ei dv7-6c50eo dv7-6c50er dv7-6c50ew dv7-6c50sb dv7-6c51ei dv7-6c51er dv7-6c52ea dv7-6c52eo dv7-6c52er dv7-6c52sr dv7-6c54ea dv7-6c54ei dv7-6c54er dv7-6c54sa dv7-6c54sr dv7-6c54ss dv7-6c55ea dv7-6c55ef dv7-6c55ez dv7-6c55sa dv7-6c55sf dv7-6c57ez dv7-6c60ef dv7-6c60sf DV7-6C60US dv7-6c61el dv7-6c61sl DV7-6C63NR dv7-6c63sf DV7-6C64NR dv7-6c65ez DV7-6C66NR DV7-6C67NR DV7-6C70CA dv7-6c70eb dv7-6c70ef dv7-6c70el dv7-6c70ez dv7-6c70sf dv7-6c71el dv7-6c71sl dv7-6c72ef dv7-6c72el dv7-6c72sf DV7-6C73CA dv7-6c73el dv7-6c75eo dv7-6c80eb dv7-6c80eo DV7-6C80US dv7-6c81eo dv7-6c82eg dv7-6c85eo DV7-6C88US dv7-6c90ed dv7-6c90ee dv7-6c90ef dv7-6c90el dv7-6c90sd dv7-6c90sf DV7-6C90US DV7-6C91NR DV7-6C93DX DV7-6C95DX dv7-6c95ex dv7-6c95sx dv7-6c99ef dv7-6c99sf dv7T-6000 dv7T-6100 dv7T-6B00 dv7T-6C00

(SATA kabel fur HP Pavilion dv7, cabo SATA segundo para HD, festplatten, cable, adapter, connector)

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