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Hard Drive Caddy and Cable for HP HDX18 (for 2nd HDD bay)


First things first: it works, as described, and for much much less cost than buying direct from HP. No question about buying from newmodeus again.

Only one small quibble with the part: The length of the cable between the SATA connector and the micro-connector _is the same as_ the original HP part installed in my notebook. One would tend to think that is good, because the parts are effectively identical. However, the placement of the micro-connector on the motherboard relative to the installed drive is slightly different for the primary and secondary bays. This means that when using this kit to install a drive in the secondary bay, there is actually a little too much cable to be packed into a very tight space, and required some interesting cable contortions to get it squeezed into place without causing any damage to the cable which feels somewhat fragile. Just be careful, and don't look at the primary bay's cabling and expect to duplicate it exactly, because it won't fit the same.
Date Added: 07/23/2009 by Ian Morgan
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