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Optical Bay Hard Drive Caddy (OBHD9-SATA-B), Black, 9.5mm


I ordered this drive bay because of the odd 9.5mm height all Macbook and Macbook Pros use. The package took 2 days to travel from California to Ohio with the standard shipping, incredible.

After ripping the black plastic faceplate off I was able to put the hard drive in the caddy. This was the most difficult part of the install. There is no easy way to get the hard drive into the caddy so be prepared for a struggle. Once the drive is in you're good to go.

This drive works just like you'd think. Converts PATA to SATA and is able to fit into Macbook and Macbook Pros. I now have two hard drives in my Macbook. This product is very affordable compared to some other caddys (the MCE optibay is a rip off at $129). I highly suggest this website and its products. Do your homework and order the correct bay.

Personally this was the best experience I have had with an unknown retailer that I've never heard of. I will suggest this site to every one of my friends in the future.
Date Added: 10/08/2009 by Ryan Pfleghaar
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