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Optical Bay Hard Drive Caddy(p/n OBHD9-SATA-SATA-B) Black, 9.5mm


ATTN Apple MacBook owners: after contacting newmodeus they have confirmed the model you need is the newer "OBHD9-SATA-SATA-NF". They have also stated this on their Facebook page. The price is the same and the only difference is that the "NF" model (short for "no faceplate") does not have the black faceplate this model does (see its picture). This saves you from having to remove the faceplate to fit the bay inside your MacBook.

If you have a MacBook you need to buy the newer "OBHD9-SATA-SATA-NF" model (not this one).
Date Added: 02/28/2010 by RJ Burnett
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