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2nd HDD Caddy ASUS N53,N55, N56, N61, N67, N71, N73, N80,N81,N82


Great product. After looking all over eBay and the web, I settled with this one because it had my specific model number and I had the ability to put the OEM bezel back on. It's also a local company where I know I could call IF I had a problem.

Well I just put it in and installation was a breeze. Detected my second hard drive no problem. Attaching the bezel was just like their instructions EXCEPT I couldn't screw the bigger screw to the bezel. The hole was too big, but once the cover is on, the tabs lock the bezel into place. Oh, I did use that big screw to secure the entire bezel to the carrier. It's a little hack but the screw is secure and it holds down the bezel firmly to the carrier.

My only negative about this is that the bezel protrudes about 1-2mm from the notebook body. Not a huge problem but it's noticeable up close.

All in all, a great product. I highly recommend it!
Date Added: 07/12/2011 by Alfred Bertulfo
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