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2nd Hard Drive Caddy DELL M2400, M4400, M4500 Modular Bay


Excellent product! The caddy fit perfectly in the DVD drive bay of my Dell Precision M4500. The mechanics of the pushbutton retractable lever are solid and reliable if I ever want to swap it out with the original DVD drive. The bezel quality is as good as the original bezel on the M4500's DVD drive. The bezel has a minature hard drive logo and a blue LED - nice touch.

It was easy to assemble the hard drive into the caddy and install it in just a couple of minutes. I initially thought there may not enough room for the hard drive in the caddy. As I pushed the angled 2.5" hard drive into the caddy, it mated with the connector and fit the caddy perfectly.

Along with the HD caddy, I chose to buy an eSaTAp to SATA cable to connect the DVD drive externally via the eSATAp port on the M4500. When connecting the DVD drive, I didn't encounter any software configuration issues. The cable worked flawlessly out of the box.

An administrative assistant at work ordered the HD caddy and cable on a Friday afternoon; and, it was here by Monday at noon using USPS (California to Seattle vicinity). It got here several days before the Hard Drive ordered from N__ E__ at the same time.

After a month, I am still so impressed that I have ordered a hard drive caddy for a personal laptop at home.
Date Added: 09/24/2013 by David Graf
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