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eSATAp External Enclosure for optical drives (12.7mm SATA)


Bought the item to convert my internal dvdrw to an external burner. I replaced the dvd burner with a second SSD HD in my laptop. The cable works great. No need for a second cable to power up the dvd burner. Transfer speed is just as fast as if the burner is connected inside the laptop. Gave it a five star since i did not encounter any flaws in the performance of the cable. The added rubber enclosure is "flimpsy" but good enough protect your dvd burner from static while its sitting on the top of your desk. Also i have dual boot Win 10 preview and OSX Yosemite in my laptop. The OSX sees my dvdburner and ejects it as if it is internal and that makes it a five star for me... thanks
Date Added: 03/12/2015 by Vill Corpuz
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